One subject we touched on but did not complete was the topic of bodily affliction. Before completing the topic of affliction, it is needful to complete the topic of bodily affliction. May you find direction in your course after reading this topic.

First…for balance sake…the Holy Spirit does not always prompt you to even ask why—why am I sick—why have You not healed me yet? Sometimes you need to rest in the fact that He is Lord over your body and will manage your body as He sees fit. Otherwise, you may be disrupting the fruit of peace in your life, causing great stress and unrest. The season that you are ill may simply be a summer of affliction, yielding great fruit, that is, if you respond correctly.

I think that this “healing” controversy reveals the difference between those seeking a Spirit-led life and ones who are bound by law. For those who are bound by law, a pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, formulating answers that deal with the “whys.” The fruit from such formulation are unrest and deceit. But instead, answers from heaven fall upon those whose hearts are intimate with Jesus, Who is the Answer.

What are some of these wild pendulum swings wit-nessed in man-made doctrine? Just look around—you will not have to look too far to see these three-friends-type answers wounding others, attempting to give the purpose of affliction for bodily suffering. These answers keep bodily healing out of grasp.

Maybe God spoke to you through Job’s story, or maybe through some other truths we taught, such as the “Test of Responses.” No one has a categorical answer for this specific topic—there can never be a method or formula to healing. The answer you receive must come through knowing Jesus. Jesus personally delivers your answer as you pray. It is up to Him to identify what hinders your healing—that is—if you were prompted to ask Him in the first place.

“I was told it was because of my lack of faith.” This is a possibility and we should not ignore it when searching our heart, but this may not be the reason. Do not allow popular faith doctrines to condemn you. Many of these doctrine promoters are an exact replica of the three friends we have been discussing.

This is a point we all should remember if asking the question, “Why”: do not view yourself as being less spiritual for being sick. Know that it is better to die in sickness, having led a fruitful life, than to have been fruitless in your life but staying healthy. Being fruitless carries hundred-fold the tragedy as having died of sickness.

As you search your heart concerning bodily afflictions, give Jesus the opportunity to speak the answer. It is He Who can cause you to touch the hem of His garment; it is He Who can cause you to be in the right place at the right time; it is He Who can direct your steps to the Elihu, who has the answer from heaven, or to the Peter, where healing occurs through his shadow. Maybe unforgiveness stands in the way because you hold past wrongs against someone. Maybe you need to confess your sins to another, praying for another, as James declares. Maybe you need to allow a man of God, as Paul in Acts 28:8, to lay hands on you. If you fear laying on of hands by a man of God, you may miss a great opportunity.

An excerpt from “Temple Builders: The High Calling”

John Robert Lucas


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