Ex 25:23-29 and 37:10-16: The wooden table is a representation of Christ. Covered in Gold, it reminds us of his everlasting majesty. He became man for us, but kept his deity so he could be our Eternal Life. Its measurement of one cubit wide represents unity, while its two cubits long represents fellowship, both of which stand for the union in Christ, while its height of 1 1/2 cubits suggest the Trinity.

All of this ties into the fact that tables remind of fellowship, which is dependent on unity and involves the Trinity. As Christians, we fellowship together at the table with Jesus Christ at the New Testament Communion table.

The table is topped by Golden crown, standing in for jealousy exclusively held for God, since he is the king of kings, the one true God. In addition, the crown stands for His power and ability to protect his children, which is further proved by the table’s border. Around the table is a border, which the Hebrew word for is defined as┬ástrong, or stronghold. The border encloses 12 loaves, which stand for the 12 tribes of Israel. Therefore, the stronghold is enclosing and protecting God’s people.

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