brass Laver

Ex 30:17-21 and 38:8: The Laver (also called the Brazen Laver, or Brass Laver) was made of brass and mirrors. The mirrors were from the women that served at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. We know that God commanded that the Laver be anointed and consecrated, and that it was used for priestly washing. God does not really give a lot of details other than that. But, because we interpret scripture with scripture, and because we know that the tabernacle represents the Person of Jesus Christ, we can put together the pieces.

Brass means judgment in the Bible, so all the materials that have brass will deal with judgment. But we only see brass in the outer court, whereas the inner courts have gold. Gold represents deity, or God’s nature. The other components to the laver are the mirror and the water. So, I see 3 distinct elements that form the laver.

Jesus is the Word of God and that is what the Laver prophesied–it prophesied of Him Who would come and speak words of judgment, words that cause us to see our true condition as in a mirror, and words that cleanse us as water. What is resultant is a people who have become a nation of priests. Jesus is the Laver! We have to accept that part of Who He is. That word pierces and slays us as it judges the parts of us that do not resemble Him.

If we are willing to receive it, he also speaks forth waters of grace. What is grace? Grace is certainly mercifully given but that is not what grace is. Think of grace as ability–ability such as you receive in power and strength; yet there is still a difference. Grace is undeserved favor from God where he extends a part of Himself to accomplish a task. In the case of the Laver, the task is water that cleanses. The water that is part of His Word nature has the ability to see yourself in a mirror, be judged by what you see that does not line up, and then be thoroughly wash, making you clean–clean enough to walk right into His holy place, beyond the doors of the tent.

That tent door will always be a barrier if we do not stop at that laver, see Him as the Word of God, and then be humbled by how far we really are from His expectations. But, out of mercy, He allows us to dip our hands in to wash up. Sometimes it is when we are most used of God that in reality we are the most filthy. But if we are willing to look in, be judged, He has ample amount of clean water to make you His priest.

Our life in Christ is not just seeing, not just being judged, but trusting in that grace, and allow that grace to conform us into a reflection of Him Who is the High Priest.

John Robert Lucas


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