Gold Lampstand in Tabernacle

Prophetic of Jesus the Light of God: NAMES: Lampstand, candlestick, pure candlestick, the candlestick of God, golden lampstand, gold lampstand, menorah.  The following outlines characteristics of the Lampstand. The type and shadow that stands out the most is that the gold was beaten to form the Lampstand. Gold represents deity in the Bible. Jesus was deity who was beaten, which resulted in Him becoming the Anointed One that is the Light of men, fed by the oil of the Spirit.

1. No specific dimensions

2. 3 stages of the almond plant – unopened bud / knop | flower | fruit

3. Lamp of oil RESTS on the FRUIT.

4. Made of beaten gold

5. 7 branches ; one main shaft and 3 shoots on each side.

7 lamps of oil from 7 branches, each  comprised of 3 fruit+3 flowers + 3 buds = 9 ornaments РHAVING THEIR SOURCE IN 3 ORIGINATING BUDS.

All added up they equal 66 ornaments | A confirmation to God’s selection of 66 books of the Bible that testify of the plan of redemption.

Jesus is the Branch, also a picture of the Lampstand.

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