Prophetic Coverings of the Inner Courts

Curtains of fine linen – RIGHTEOUSNESS
Inner layer | comprised actual roof or ceiling of sanctuary

When you are in Christ, the Father sees nothing but His Own righteousness.


Curtains of goat’s hair – SIN OFFERING
Called “tent” | placed over fine linen curtain

Why have you obtained the inner layer of righteousness? Because Jesus is the sin offering for you.


Ram’s skin dyed red – SUBSTITUTION
“a covering” | placed as third layer.

Jesus took your place for sin’s judgment. The price paid was His Own blood.


Outer covering of badger’s skin – PROTECTION
Final covering | viewed to all the world that is outside

We are the righteousness of God in Christ, Who was made a sin offering for us that was paid by His blood. As a result, when the world pounds us with its weathering elements, it is God Who they try to penetrate, not us. And God is impermeable to the world!


It is suggested that “badger skin” is dolphin or porpoise skin. Badger skin had no particular beauty but protects against weather, storms, desert heat, and the wilderness life of travel.

John Robert Lucas

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