In the Old Testament, there was a brook outside of Jerusalem called Kidron.  This is the brook that was used to discard the idols whenever a righteous king was in office.  It was also set as a boundary marker by King David to confine Shimei as part of his sentence for doing evil to God’s anointed.

Everything on the Jerusalem side of Kidron represents the kingdom of Light.  Everything on the other side is darkness, and is full of idols.

The word “Kidron” means, “dusk.”  Dusk is where light ends and darkness begins.  Shimei did not heed the sentence and died.

We must rid our life of idols and clean up our own Jerusalem, for we are eternal Jerusalem and Kidron is the dividing line!  Kidron is the dividing line where we DEAL WITH these idols in our heart.

Part of TRUE MINISTRY is about division. It shows you the idols, it contrasts the dark and the light. True ministry cuts our hearts with the blade of the High Priest Jesus. It spiritually exercises those idols from our life to be discarded in Kidron. True ministry must deal with Kidron, making God’s people a separated, holy people.

King Josiah is the only King of Israel that successfully ridded Israel of its idol. The present church is still awaiting a ministry as true as Josiah’s to rids the Lord’s church of its idols. True ministry, in this case, is a Joasiah type of ministry.

John Robert Lucas

August 2011

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