You must reinvent yourself to stay successful and avoid mediocrity. If there is one thing I have learned in my years in the corporate world, it is to change with the situation, and when that situation demands me to change, I may have to reinvent myself to continue success. You may even have to reinvent yourself to get to the next level of success, whether a higher position, or to just stay employed.

At the start of my career I was pretty technical. As I grew into the career, I had to reinvent myself as a leader, losing the hands-on technical skills. Sure the hands-on is fun, challenging, and can be a good retirement career, but many are called to be leaders, too. So, I reinvented myself to manage, talk, and conduct myself as a leader in my industry.

As I continued my career,  I had to transform again into a leader that could also function as a Project Manager in a very specialized field, which assures that I would never be commoditized, and I would stay employed at a higher salary. Well, you would think that I had arrived, but I had to reinvent myself again; this time to leverage past abilities that were now stagnant. This time I had to transform into a Leader, who can manage projects in a specialized field, but also drive solutions for the US’s largest corporations, by using business objectives assure success. This type of role functions as a business advisor in addition to the other skills.

Finally, at least for this writing, I had to yet reinvent myself to add the function of being a strategist. So, I now function by forming strategies that align with business priorities, driving solutions and constructing a roadmap to meet all objectives. I had to add other soft skills such as risk management, priority setting, and thought leadership to make the package somewhat complete.

Thus is the training God gives us in our life. GOD WILL TRAIN  YOU AT THE WORLD”S EXPENSE. As long as you can see the need, adapt to what is required to meet that need, and make steps that go forward, you are reinventing yourself. It is the way of God to then use those abilities, which are instilled by grace, and anoint them for His purposes in the kingdom. When God has need of you, He calls at the appointed time.

How does this translate into kingdom work?

In the corporate world, I have to write strategies , thought leadership white papers, business and technical roadmaps, business needs, and  transfer all that knowledge of to the client. In the kingdom, I have to execute the messages of the Lord with the same precision, quality, skill, and transfer that in the best way that I can communicate. In the corporate world, this is not a perfect process, and the kingdom has the same constraints, but the amount of edification that occurs because of this reinventing is off the charts compared to staying mediocre.

My encouragement to you is that God accomplished this in me without any obvious advantage. I decided in the 70’s to only complete the 10th grade in high school. I moved out and lived on my own when I turned 16, and started working manual labor jobs for several years. I was raised with no knowledge of scripture and was a heathen until I was saved in 1979. God set in my path many divine appointments with other believers. It is through being connected to His body, that God did His work.

I know the one stand out that made me successful and will make you successful: a passion for knowing Jesus, and craving His words and His ways. Be hungry for God’s ways, and be willing to breakout of mainstream christianity. In business, I am not mainstream. If I were, my value would be diminished. In the ways of God, you will find that if you ascend no higher than those around you—you will miss God’s high call for your life.

Do not be afraid to reinvent yourself by accepting the challenge to change. Maybe that change is a strong focus in expository scripture study, or maybe it is drawing much closer to Jesus, and obeying the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Whatever it is, you just have to decide to do it and do not fear. Do not look back. Do it in the natural world, and do it in the spirit. But make sure you are reiventing yourself.

Good and bad, the journey you are on will transform you, even the times when it seems like God is far from you—He is nearer than you think!

John Robert Lucas

July 2011


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