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It is exiting to kick off this new Temple Builders Ministry web site. It will serve as a sister site to, which I started originally as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) back in 1991.

Since then, the site helped me to sell hundreds of my book, “Temple Builders: The High Calling”, and has receive as many as 120 million hits since its internet start.

This web site will feature this blog so that I can start posting new blogs and articles of the 2nd Temple Builders book. The first book is unique in that it was reviewed and commented on by users of I made edits based on feedback so that the message would be clear. At times, I even made adjustments in how I viewed a scripture based on feedback. This time around, I will have this WordPress web site to assist. In addition, I will promote anointed worship leaders and their music.

June 28, 2011 Update

Our first official online date is June 28, 2011. To build this site I used an India web development company. This was a natural affinity for me because I often play the role of an IT Project Manager. In our line of work we use offshore resources in combination with on-site resources to deliver software projects.

I am hoping that you will be blessed by this site. If so, please help us by promoting the site and commenting on its content. Typically, it can take years for a web site to receive traffic, but I will leverage our sister site: to direct traffic here. If visitors can promote us through Facebook, Twitter, and other online sites, we can get the message out faster. I truly believe that ministries like this only work well if there are co-laborers joining us.

John Robert Lucas

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