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There has been a massive amount of change going on in the midst of us here in Pauls Valley, OK.  God has been establishing us in the present truth of grace by having us revisit some of it’s vital truths as well as the finer details that dress up grace from just simple saving grace to the fulness of grace that has become the life we live.  Keeping grace in a childish form and not letting it fully develop only keeps us from wholly appreciating and appropriating the grace that is the person of Jesus Christ.

We were sitting at lunch last Sunday and we begin to recapitulate the message that was delivered on grace.  As with all truth there is a gradual assent in the understanding of each and every truth.  It is the “starter grace” I call it that gets us saved and into the kingdom where the transformation begins to take place in our soul as these vital truths make their way from our head down to our feet.  So heavenly truths become earthly realities that are not just revelation but divine manifestation.

The marriage at the cross came up in conversation as we talked through the difference between law and grace.  We noticed that when the marriage vows are taken they do not consist of “thou shalt not commit adultery” or “thou shalt not bear false witness.”  The wedding vows are not based on what we are NOT going to do during our life time of marriage.  The wedding vows are based out of the “I WILLS.”  Love is the current that flows through marriage as I WILL love you, I WILL cherish you, I WILL cleave to you.  Our marriage to the old man adam was founded on THOU SHALT NOT, love was not involved only duty or die.  But our first husband adam died over 2000 years ago and those wedding vows are null and void and hold not weight or power. We have a new husband who we are currently married to and the covenant between Him and us is solely based on “I WILL.” It is not looking to the future and telling him what you are not going to do but looking into the face of Jesus declaring our love one to another.  It is our genuine, heart felt eternal love that constrains us from always focusing on thou shalt not’s and engages us in pure wedded bliss with our heavenly Boaz. This “I WILL covenant is Grace (the person of Jesus) in action.

The law made us bond slaves….Grace makes us the Lambs wife.
The law was for lawless adam…..Grace is the new law that governs the New Man in Christ Jesus.
The law was for adam to keep because there was not power within to keep them…..Grace is the power that is resident that always keep us.
The law was given because of adams blunder……Grace came to give us a life of bliss.

Cathy Walker


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