The Intimate


by John Robert Lucas

This is a prophecy I wrote down in 1984 . At our wedding, in 1988, I had this prophecy read unbelievers...even to the religious.

In scripture an allegory is presented concerning our relationship of Christ: He is our bridegroom and we are His bride. An allegory is something that God gives us, relating to our natural surroundings.

Now, concerning intimate relationship, we are most intimate with Jesus when we are most subjected to Him. We are most like His bride when we desire Him more than anything in the earth.


I tell you: in the day of the Lord I am not coming back for just a church--I am coming back for a bride--a bride that is ready. As of now I have no bride to come back to, but I am preparing one. Right now I have a church, but there is a day when I shall have a bride. (The church in this context is defined as all born again believers, whereas the bride is define as those who are mature in Christ, living beyond the veil--in the inner courts of God's tabernacle)

The church is now becoming My bride as she draws closer to Me in an intimacy that she has never known. Many shall fall away for fear of this type of intimacy. Some will be repulsed by it, but many shall be added daily to her number.

Today's church is much like the children of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness; for, after I revealed Myself and spoke to them, their response was fear, and they chose law and sacrifice over an intimate relationship--a relationship where they could converse with God. (Exodus 20:18-22)

Today's church is the same, for when I shall reveal Myself to them in a different way--not to scare, but that they may draw close to Me--many shall run from My presence because they are unsure of Me, or they are scared of Me, or they are in religious pride. Because of this, not only will they miss out on this mighty moving of My Spirit, but some shall remain outside of My presence for eternity.

However, many shall run to My presence with joy and gladness, coming as children, having put behind them human knowledge, and instead approaching me in a childlike trust. Many that say they know Me at that time, when I am revealed to them, will not recognize Me. The simple ones who do not know Me now will come and know Me then. Many that now truly know Me shall come into a fuller knowledge of Me, enjoying the fullness of My presence.

My bride shall be a faithful one, for I am a jealous God and I will share her with no one. She is always on My mind and takes many of My thoughts, and she loves Me mutually with her thoughts, taking pleasure being with Me. She is now responding to My courting that I have been wooing her with, and soon her romance with Me shall be intense.For, as Enoch walked with Me in an intimate relationship, I was pleased with My bride (Enoch) and I took him up with Me. In the day of the Lord, I shall be pleased with My bride, and I will take her with Me, rapturing (Greek: caught up) her in My presence. There shall be awaiting her a feast of celebration concerning our covenant together for all eternity.

Rejoice and be glad for the day approaches and draws near when I will require My church to transform into a bride. Those who resist shall not remain, for I have not only called them to be mighty soldiers with authority and faith who overcome in battle, but I have also called them to be an affectionate bride.

As she worships Me with kisses, so will I respond to her. For, I am not cold, but I am a passionate lover, whose love I have reserved only for My true bride. My response to her love shall be My presence, and life will I give her. She will enjoy Me as I have also enjoyed her.

Many shall miss it because they are looking for a church and have refused the bride. But, I do not weep for them, for the ones who are willing are My delight. By them My heart is moved and rejoices, and at times breaks with the pleasure that I take with their desire to be with Me. I will reveal Myself to them, and their response shall be one of acceptance and longing. For they shall yearn for those intimate moments that we share together. They will even go to extremes to what they will do to bring Me pleasure and delight. As the jester in the king's court goes to extremes to amuse and delight the king.

My bride shall be a mighty church but with a love to give only found in her lover. She will also be found in reverence, in respect of her groom, standing in awe of Me, crying and weeping and kissing My feet in worship, as Mary did in all humility. But she will not stay there, for after she bows in My majesty, she will stand up and come boldly to Me, without fear, and she will express her love to me with kisses to the lips, which are as sweet as wine to me. For that is part of worship (Greek: to kiss towards). As she draws close to Me, I will draw close to her.

The bride shall come into the bridal suite with Me in the last days before I take her, and she will come to me and consummate our union together. For my word says, where a man and wife, or prostitute and man are joined together on the marriage bed or bed of defilement, they shall be made one, and I shall be made one with My bride. For the honeymoon was not man's invention, but its origin was in the spirit, and it shall come to pass, thus says the Lord.

Real unity comes through really knowing Jesus in an intense relationship--and that knowing comes through a desire to minister to Him BEFORE we want ministry, or BEFORE we minister to others. Knowing Him comes through longing to understand Him in His scriptures--that testify of Him. Both ministering to Jesus and studying the scriptures comprise knowing Him in spirit and in truth. Your lifestyle should be consumed with both.


If this prophecy ministered to you, let me know.

John Robert Lucas, author of "Temple Builders: The High Calling"
Temple Builders Ministry