Spiritual Structure

First Draft Date: March 7th, 2015

The Bible starts off with God seeing a world without “form”. God’s response to the void and formlessness was to provide form–but a form with life.

It is very easy for the prophetic people of God to forget some of God’s fundamental principles. In this case, that God works through form, structure, a plan, a process, and even discipline to carry it all out to His good pleasure.

As of this writing, I am a senior leader in our capability practice called Methods. I have always found it useful to take what I have learned in the natural world and allow the Spirit to apply it to the spiritual. In many cases, my role is to look at current practices in corporate America and compare their current state in a given area to a best-practiced structure or method, and explain the gap. Further, my role requires   (John Robert Lucas)
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Thought Leadership in the Pulpit

Revision Date: June 30, 2014

As a senior leader for a Chicago consulting firm, one of my roles is thought leadership. It is my job to bring new ideas to the table and cause the client, even my peers, to look at solutions differently. This usually includes both a strategic and theoretical overview, but also includes a tactical and practical approach that makes the strategic successful. A good Thought Leader in the corporate world is a pioneer of sorts, creating a new path for new opportunities, dealing with business and technical pain points, and proving a clear roadmap to achieve the well-defined goal.

For the last 3 months what has been stirring up in me is how pulpit ministry lacks thought leadership, and specifically in the Finished Work, Grace, Sonship, or Kingdom message, as we are called. This message is not new even though many are hearing it for the first time   (John Robert Lucas)
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Bookends of Redemption – Passover 2014

Bookends of Redemption

John Robert Lucas | April 18, 2014

As Passover and Easter are complete this year, let’s take some time out and consider a fresh perspective of God’s redemption. I pray that there are some truth nuggets in this article that may cause your spiritual eyes to see something more clearly. I encourage you to meditate on this article and may the Spirit cause you to see this Passover season in a new light.

Bookends of Redemption: The Thread of Blood

The Bible is a love story that threads redemption from Genesis to Revelation, focusing Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, and the central figure of this divine romance. Truly we are as a bride, even the city of God, adorned in the radiance of glory and every precious stone. Even more, the scriptures end with the bride being clothed in crystal clear walls of jasper, seventy-two yards high. The beauty of   (John Robert Lucas)
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Church in the Wilderness

1 Cor 10:1-6 For I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea; and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and all ate the same spiritual food; and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them; and the rock was Christ. 5 Nevertheless, with most of them God was not well-pleased; for they were laid low in the wilderness.

Now these things happened as examples for us, so that we would not crave evil things as they also craved. NASU

1 Cor 10:11-12 Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. NASU

Acts 7:37-38 This is that Moses, which said unto the children of Israel, A prophet shall the Lord   (John Robert Lucas)
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March 2014 Major Update

Welcome to Temple Builders Ministry, founded in 1986. It is time for some changes to the site for 2014, and I will start adding new articles, but this time I will start adding video blogs.

Unfortunately, the Kalanie video content will go away, but the good news is I will accompany articles I write with video content for the first time.  The videos could be as short as 5 minutes, and most likely will not exceed 15 minutes.

Please subscribe to our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/templebuildersministry

(John Robert Lucas)

The Bookends of Redemption

The Bible is a love story that threads redemption from Genesis to Revelation, focusing Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, and the central figure of this divine romance. Truly we are as a bride, even the city of God, adorned in the radiance of glory and every precious stone. Even more, the scriptures end with the bride being clothed in crystal clear walls of jasper, seventy-two yards high. The beauty of the Lord is beyond our imagination, but the bride’s Husband’s brilliance is the only thing one will see outside the city.  In all this, do we understand where God STARTS redemption? Do we understand what it took for God to get us to New Jerusalem?

If redemption is a thread going through the entire Bible, it is the wisdom of God to find out where that thread started, and what seed truth surrounds that first occurrence.  In doing so, we peer into   (John Robert Lucas)
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Grace Gone Too Far – Repentance De-emphasized

Grace doctrines that go too far are nothing new. In the early church they were rampant, alongside the other extreme: law doctrines. So it’s grace versus law today, even as back in the New Testament. Paul agonized over his letters to the church, always dealing with one of these issues, or even both.

I consider myself a grace minister, and a minister of the finished work of Christ. Other ministers calling themselves grace and finished work ministers are now spreading a bit of leaven with this message in a way that we must differentiate the error.

So, what am I seeing that is causing the most recent stir: an article “3 Reasons Why I Don’t Preach on Repentance” by Paul Ellis.

Mr. Ellis takes the approach in his article that he is the new order of grace ministry and those teaching contrary are religious. His argument is that unbelievers and Christians should not turn from   (John Robert Lucas)
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Principles of Interpretation

The following is a set of principles that will assist any student or teacher in understanding scripture better. One of the core messages of Temple Builders is that everyone should learn to trust their relationship with the Holy Spirit as Teacher. Additionally, never allow any teacher to bully you with their interpretation. The Holy Spirit guides you gently into truth, and never force feeds you truth. If you are pressured by the teacher, it may be an indication that you should judge that message.


As you learn this set of principles, it will help you to discern better when you hear doctrinal controversies. The largest benefit I think you will notice is less confusion and more confidence to disagree with interpretations that do not bear witness, and that disregard God’s principles and ways.


We live in a day when teachers are circulating interpretations such as no literal hell/lake of fire, that the church is not the   (John Robert Lucas)
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The 3 Ds to get to the next level: Decision, Discipline, and Diet


Occasionally, the Lord will give me a clear word—a word that I am usually not too pleased to get, “Step it up son.” This means He is pushing me up to the next level of the mountain, when I was comfortable at the altitude that I had already attained. For all of us, there is a time in our walk where God urges us up to the next level. We can resist, and many times life will go on as normal, as if nothing happened. The one thing you can count on is, if you are walking close to Jesus, you will not escape a push, whether gentle prompting or forceful compelling, to come up higher.

Recently, my cardiologist strongly suggested I give up caffeine. I took the advice of the doctor and decided to give up caffeine. To get to the next level of good health for me, this was needed. But the   (John Robert Lucas)
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Rethinking Church: 3 Steps to Changing Church Gatherings

Paradigm shifts and sometimes radical changes are the norm for God, but we tend to stay within comfortable spheres of stability and predictability. Further, when we start tampering with the idea of rethinking how it is we do church, we not only find great resistance, we can expect an avalanche of criticism. Over my 32 years of attending and visiting many churches, little seems to change; yet, I also see at times a pendulum swing to the opposite extreme: leadership changing church just for the sake of changing it.

When you look at the business model changes of HP and Netflix of recent weeks, you see that they did the right thing in wanting to change a business model that was doomed to lose corporate revenue and profitability. What these 2 examples failed to consider is that change should be well thought out and must be truly strategic, with mapped out goals,   (John Robert Lucas)
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What is the “Finished Work” message?

In regards to types of christian teachings, we tend to coin a new phrase to differentiate ourselves from something that is more commonly accepted. In this case, the term “message of the finished work.” Sometimes the new phrase is just a re-branding of the same old thing. At other times, it is a new perspective, but essentially the same principle or doctrine. Yet, there are times when a teaching will add something that has never been widely taught, or has been misunderstood. Sometimes the teaching will radically reinterpret scripture to mean something totally different than how the modern church understands it. So, when one says “I teach the finished work message, or the finished work of Christ message”, it can mean lots of different things.

It is best to start a definition by establishing common denominators. For this term, the following seems to be widely agreed about the cross:

Jesus perfectly accomplished His work Jesus left nothing undone or   (John Robert Lucas)
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Reinvent Yourself: Lessons from the Business World that Translate into the Spirit

You must reinvent yourself to stay successful and avoid mediocrity. If there is one thing I have learned in my years in the corporate world, it is to change with the situation, and when that situation demands me to change, I may have to reinvent myself to continue success. You may even have to reinvent yourself to get to the next level of success, whether a higher position, or to just stay employed.

At the start of my career I was pretty technical. As I grew into the career, I had to reinvent myself as a leader, losing the hands-on technical skills. Sure the hands-on is fun, challenging, and can be a good retirement career, but many are called to be leaders, too. So, I reinvented myself to manage, talk, and conduct myself as a leader in my industry.

As I continued my career,  I had to transform again into a leader   (John Robert Lucas)
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Ministry that has God’s Stamp of Approval

If all we do is deliver an anointed, powerful word, and afterwards do not reach out and build new relationships, we have accomplished little.

I remember a few years ago where it was so normal for a popular minister to deliver a powerful, anointed message from God, and as soon as the service ended they bolted for the door. Because I worked behind the scenes it became clear that there was an “in” crowd of fellow ministers who would fellowship after the meeting, but it was always restricted to that tight circle of friends. It was a day of elite ministers.

Today, the same spirit abounds, but with less of the elitism. If we give a powerful word, we really and truly feel like we have done our job. We are tired, and we find it awkward to reach out a build new relationships. In spite of all of this, there is a duty on ministers that requires us to reach out,   (John Robert Lucas)
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Bliss or Blunder?

There has been a massive amount of change going on in the midst of us here in Pauls Valley, OK.  God has been establishing us in the present truth of grace by having us revisit some of it’s vital truths as well as the finer details that dress up grace from just simple saving grace to the fulness of grace that has become the life we live.  Keeping grace in a childish form and not letting it fully develop only keeps us from wholly appreciating and appropriating the grace that is the person of Jesus Christ.

We were sitting at lunch last Sunday and we begin to recapitulate the message that was delivered on grace.  As with all truth there is a gradual assent in the understanding of each and every truth.  It is the “starter grace” I call it that gets us saved and into the kingdom where the transformation   (John Robert Lucas)
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Comments from Readers of Temple Builders: The High Calling

For this blog edition, I just wanted to share some of the comments we received for our first book Temple builders: The High Calling. If you have read the book and have a testimony, please leave a comment! All of these comments have encouraged.

 Saved me from disaster

I have experienced many situations where the revelation shown to me through your book saved me from disaster, confusion, or brought correction just in the nick of time for situations that suddenly came upon my life. —Pastor Tom Marxen

The most balanced

This book is the most balanced and most needed in the church today. It has caused me to grow up and to look at the Lord in a light of understanding I have never experienced before. —Daniel Olson

Immersed in His love

This book has put stripes on my soul and immersed me in a God kind of Love. —Gayla Brunet

Called to decision, embrace, and “eating”

This message, happily, cannot   (John Robert Lucas)
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Welcome to Temple Builders Ministry

It is exiting to kick off this new Temple Builders Ministry web site. It will serve as a sister site to TempleBuilders.com, which I started originally as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) back in 1991.

Since then, the TempleBuilders.com site helped me to sell hundreds of my book, “Temple Builders: The High Calling”, and has receive as many as 120 million hits since its internet start.

This web site will feature this blog so that I can start posting new blogs and articles of the 2nd Temple Builders book. The first book is unique in that it was reviewed and commented on by users of TempleBuilders.com. I made edits based on feedback so that the message would be clear. At times, I even made adjustments in how I viewed a scripture based on feedback. This time around, I will have this WordPress web site to assist.   (John Robert Lucas)
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