The High Calling

Test of Responses – Temple Builders: The High Calling

This article is taken from Temple Builders: The High Calling book by John Robert Lucas. This is a powerful chapter and goes along with my newest article on “Church in the Wilderness” written and posted here on Temple Builders in March 2014. Also be sure to LIKE our Facebook Page at

DEUTERONOMY 30:15–20 – See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments…that you may live and…that the LORD your God may bless you in the land where you are entering to possess it. But if your heart turns away and you will not obey, but are drawn away and worship other gods and serve them…you shall surely perish. You will not prolong your days in the   
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Paul Was Sick: The Job Kind of Affliction 10

GAL 4:13–14 – But you know that it was because of a bodily illness that I preached the gospel to you the first time; and that which was a trial to you in my bodily condition you did not despise or loathe, but you received me as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus Himself.

We see Paul revealing that he was bodily afflicted. Because of this affliction Paul remained at Galatia to father them in the faith. God allowed a bodily affliction to exist in this man of faith for a purpose: God wanted Paul to stay at Galatia, doing His will—the illness was used as a course-changer.

Did the Galatians look down on Paul for having this bodily affliction? Not at all. In fact, Paul commends them. For this bodily affliction was a burden to the Galatian church yet they   
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The Purpose of Bodily Affliction: The Job Kind of Affliction 9

One subject we touched on but did not complete was the topic of bodily affliction. Before completing the topic of affliction, it is needful to complete the topic of bodily affliction. May you find direction in your course after reading this topic.

First…for balance sake…the Holy Spirit does not always prompt you to even ask why—why am I sick—why have You not healed me yet? Sometimes you need to rest in the fact that He is Lord over your body and will manage your body as He sees fit. Otherwise, you may be disrupting the fruit of peace in your life, causing great stress and unrest. The season that you are ill may simply be a summer of affliction, yielding great fruit, that is, if you respond correctly.

I think that this “healing” controversy reveals the difference between those seeking a Spirit-led   
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A Higher Wisdom

A Finished Temple: Nehemiah the Governor 9

Ezra 7:10 – For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD, and to practice {it,} and to teach {His} statutes and ordinances in Israel.  (NAS)

When we become a mature nation of priests, we will follow the example of Ezra.  Ezra was a priest and a scribe; he represents God’s desire to have an undefiled temple.  Ezra became a law to the people of Israel and he ridded the land from abominations that were occurring.  This is a type of the “Day of Atonement!”

Ezra 9:2-4 – “For they have taken some of their daughters {as wives} for themselves and for their sons, so that the holy race has intermingled with the peoples of the lands; indeed, the hands of the princes and the rulers have been foremost in this unfaithfulness.” And when I heard about this   
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Leaven in the Camp: Nehemiah the Governor 8

Ezra 4:1-2 – Now when the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard that the people of the exile were building a temple to the LORD God of Israel, they approached Zerubbabel and the heads of fathers’ {households,} and said to them, “Let us build with you, for we, like you, seek your God; (NAS)

This is a familiar story, as we saw in Nehemiah’s building project, as soon as you start building then comes the enemy. Here we see a different strategy of the enemy: the enemy actually desires to labor WITH US. Why would the enemy want to build with us? To sow discord internally! The enemy knows that a little leaven will spoil the whole lump of dough. Therefore, God will now have to purge out the leaven. We have allowed those who said they sought God, to build with us.   
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Ezra’s Great Project: Nehemiah the Governor 7

Ezra 3:1 –  And when the seventh month was come, and the children of Israel were in the cities, the people gathered themselves together as one man to Jerusalem.

At the beginning of the 7th month is the start of the feast of Tabernacles.  It was a three-week special event.  The first week is the week of trumpets, the second week, on the 10th day; we call the Day of Atonement.  The third week we call the week of tabernacles or booths.  How this feast ends is important.  It ends with the solemn assembly–a day of perfect unity.  It is symbolic of the culmination of God’s plan for His church–It is the day of the appearing of Jesus to gather us together unto Him.  Our walls shall be fully built individually and corporately.  Our temple shall be built, and our maturity shall   
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Final Push to the Summit


1 Sam 12:14 – If ye will fear the LORD, and serve him, and obey his voice, and not rebel against the commandment of the LORD, then shall both ye and also the king that reigneth over you continue following the LORD your God: But if ye will not obey the voice of the LORD, but rebel against the commandment of the LORD, then shall the hand of the LORD be against you, as it was against your fathers.  Is it not wheat harvest to day?  I will call unto the LORD, and he shall send thunder and rain; that ye may perceive and see that your wickedness is great, which ye have done in the sight of the LORD, in asking you a king.  So Samuel called unto the LORD; and the LORD sent thunder and rain that day:   
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1 Sam 7:10 – And as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel: but the LORD thundered with a great thunder on that day upon the Philistines, and discomfited them; and they were smitten before Israel.

Purpose – The people respond to the enemy’s attack by calling on Samuel (clergy).  God defeats the enemies of God’s people.

Six is the number for man and this thunder is to deal with men who are God’s enemies.  God’s people call upon Samuel to help them.  Samuel was their mediator; Samuel was their savior, just as Moses had been.  The Philistines who represent the world system and the enemies of God’s people – were about to attack.  This is a prophetic event that will be fulfilled in the last day.  Samuel’s response was to sacrifice a Lamb   
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Exod 20:18 – 5th Thunder – And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off.

Purpose – God’s people respond to His glory by distancing themselves and putting Moses (a clergy) between them and God.

The 4th thunder was glorious, out of it came the law that became hid in Christ.  However, tragedy strikes because the people refused God’s plan of removing the alienation, and restoring relationship with God and man.  BECAUSE OF NAKEDNESS, they stand afar off.  They see God’s glory and you would think that they would get as close as allowed; instead they stood afar off.

Exod 20:19-21 – And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak   
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George Warnock Writings

From Tent to Temple – Full Book by George Warnock

The purpose of this study, and the title itself, are intended to show how God would progressively move “from one tent to another” as He sought to lead His people into a higher relationship with Himself; and would then consummate His purposes by moving from the lowly “tent” to a glorious “Temple” as He took up His permanent habitation in the hearts of men. This had always been God’s plan, and the only reason He instituted and ordained previous temples was to provide for His people a place where they could draw nigh to Him, so that this place would become a “house of prayer” for all nations, and a means of grace whereby the inhabitants of the earth could discover the pathway to God until the greatest Temple of the ages would be revealed and manifested in the earth.   
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Olive Tree: Seven Lamps of Fire 11

cond coming: Preparation for His Second Appearing

I have just mentioned how it was when Jesus came the first time, that we might understand this very important principle—that in spite of the knowledge we might acquire concerning the Kingdom, we may have hearts that are very unlike the King—and therefore not ready for the Kingdom. I think there are many who know the Kingdom Message, who are caught up with the vision of Kingdom power and authority. . .and are still far from poverty of spirit, meekness, lowliness, humility, and a pure heart. If the Kingdom Message does not produce these virtues in His people, there is little value in the message. God would draw us to repentance, that He might beautify us with the garments of salvation, that we might be ready to stand before the King, and be compatible with   
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Olive Tree: Seven Lamps of Fire 10

God must have a Prepared People

Let us not have the idea that our High Priest in the heavens is filling in time while He waits for the signal to descend for His people and gather them to Himself. Can we not understand that He ascended into the Heavenly Sanctuary to accomplish a ministry in the heavens, even as He had faithfully finished the work the Father had given Him to do in the earth? By this I mean He is there as our Mediator of the New Covenant, to fulfill in His people all that He accomplished by His cross when He came to earth. As the Mediator of the New Covenant He will be faithful to minister the virtues of the New Covenant to His people, as surely as Moses was faithful to minister the Old Covenant to the House of   
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Prophetic Ministry

Bookends of Redemption – Passover 2014

Bookends of Redemption

John Robert Lucas | April 18, 2014

As Passover and Easter are complete this year, let’s take some time out and consider a fresh perspective of God’s redemption. I pray that there are some truth nuggets in this article that may cause your spiritual eyes to see something more clearly. I encourage you to meditate on this article and may the Spirit cause you to see this Passover season in a new light.

Bookends of Redemption: The Thread of Blood

The Bible is a love story that threads redemption from Genesis to Revelation, focusing Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, and the central figure of this divine romance. Truly we are as a bride, even the city of God, adorned in the radiance of glory and every precious stone. Even more, the scriptures end with the bride being clothed in crystal   
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Church in the Wilderness

1 Cor 10:1-6 For I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea; and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and all ate the same spiritual food; and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them; and the rock was Christ. 5 Nevertheless, with most of them God was not well-pleased; for they were laid low in the wilderness.

Now these things happened as examples for us, so that we would not crave evil things as they also craved. NASU

1 Cor 10:11-12 Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. NASU

Acts 7:37-38 This is that Moses, which said   
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Kidron – The Divide

In the Old Testament, there was a brook outside of Jerusalem called Kidron.  This is the brook that was used to discard the idols whenever a righteous king was in office.  It was also set as a boundary marker by King David to confine Shimei as part of his sentence for doing evil to God’s anointed.

Everything on the Jerusalem side of Kidron represents the kingdom of Light.  Everything on the other side is darkness, and is full of idols.

The word “Kidron” means, “dusk.”  Dusk is where light ends and darkness begins.  Shimei did not heed the sentence and died.

We must rid our life of idols and clean up our own Jerusalem, for we are eternal Jerusalem and Kidron is the dividing line!  Kidron is the dividing line where we DEAL WITH these idols in our heart.

Part of TRUE MINISTRY is about   
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