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The Bookends of Redemption

The Bible is a love story that threads redemption from Genesis to Revelation, focusing Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, and the central figure of this divine romance. Truly we are as a bride, even the city of God, adorned in the radiance of glory and every precious stone. Even more, the scriptures end with the bride being clothed in crystal clear walls of jasper, seventy-two yards high. The beauty of the Lord is beyond our imagination, but the bride’s Husband’s brilliance is the only thing one will see outside the city.  In all this, do we understand where God STARTS redemption? Do we understand what it took for God to get us to New Jerusalem?

If redemption is a thread going through the entire Bible, it is the wisdom of God to find out where that thread started, and what seed truth surrounds that first occurrence.  In doing so, we peer into   (John Robert Lucas)
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