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Grace Gone Too Far – Repentance De-emphasized

Grace doctrines that go too far are nothing new. In the early church they were rampant, alongside the other extreme: law doctrines. So it’s grace versus law today, even as back in the New Testament. Paul agonized over his letters to the church, always dealing with one of these issues, or even both.

I consider myself a grace minister, and a minister of the finished work of Christ. Other ministers calling themselves grace and finished work ministers are now spreading a bit of leaven with this message in a way that we must differentiate the error.

So, what am I seeing that is causing the most recent stir: an article “3 Reasons Why I Don’t Preach on Repentance” by Paul Ellis.

Mr. Ellis takes the approach in his article that he is the new order of grace ministry and those teaching contrary are religious. His argument is that unbelievers and Christians should not turn from   (John Robert Lucas)
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Principles of Interpretation

The following is a set of principles that will assist any student or teacher in understanding scripture better. One of the core messages of Temple Builders is that everyone should learn to trust their relationship with the Holy Spirit as Teacher. Additionally, never allow any teacher to bully you with their interpretation. The Holy Spirit guides you gently into truth, and never force feeds you truth. If you are pressured by the teacher, it may be an indication that you should judge that message.


As you learn this set of principles, it will help you to discern better when you hear doctrinal controversies. The largest benefit I think you will notice is less confusion and more confidence to disagree with interpretations that do not bear witness, and that disregard God’s principles and ways.


We live in a day when teachers are circulating interpretations such as no literal hell/lake of fire, that the church is not the   (John Robert Lucas)
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