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The 3 Ds to get to the next level: Decision, Discipline, and Diet


Occasionally, the Lord will give me a clear word—a word that I am usually not too pleased to get, “Step it up son.” This means He is pushing me up to the next level of the mountain, when I was comfortable at the altitude that I had already attained. For all of us, there is a time in our walk where God urges us up to the next level. We can resist, and many times life will go on as normal, as if nothing happened. The one thing you can count on is, if you are walking close to Jesus, you will not escape a push, whether gentle prompting or forceful compelling, to come up higher.

Recently, my cardiologist strongly suggested I give up caffeine. I took the advice of the doctor and decided to give up caffeine. To get to the next level of good health for me, this was needed. But the   (John Robert Lucas)
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Rethinking Church: 3 Steps to Changing Church Gatherings

Paradigm shifts and sometimes radical changes are the norm for God, but we tend to stay within comfortable spheres of stability and predictability. Further, when we start tampering with the idea of rethinking how it is we do church, we not only find great resistance, we can expect an avalanche of criticism. Over my 32 years of attending and visiting many churches, little seems to change; yet, I also see at times a pendulum swing to the opposite extreme: leadership changing church just for the sake of changing it.

When you look at the business model changes of HP and Netflix of recent weeks, you see that they did the right thing in wanting to change a business model that was doomed to lose corporate revenue and profitability. What these 2 examples failed to consider is that change should be well thought out and must be truly strategic, with mapped out goals,   (John Robert Lucas)
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