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What is the “Finished Work” message?

In regards to types of christian teachings, we tend to coin a new phrase to differentiate ourselves from something that is more commonly accepted. In this case, the term “message of the finished work.” Sometimes the new phrase is just a re-branding of the same old thing. At other times, it is a new perspective, but essentially the same principle or doctrine. Yet, there are times when a teaching will add something that has never been widely taught, or has been misunderstood. Sometimes the teaching will radically reinterpret scripture to mean something totally different than how the modern church understands it. So, when one says “I teach the finished work message, or the finished work of Christ message”, it can mean lots of different things.

It is best to start a definition by establishing common denominators. For this term, the following seems to be widely agreed about the cross:

Jesus perfectly accomplished His work Jesus left nothing undone or   (John Robert Lucas)
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