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Reinvent Yourself: Lessons from the Business World that Translate into the Spirit

You must reinvent yourself to stay successful and avoid mediocrity. If there is one thing I have learned in my years in the corporate world, it is to change with the situation, and when that situation demands me to change, I may have to reinvent myself to continue success. You may even have to reinvent yourself to get to the next level of success, whether a higher position, or to just stay employed.

At the start of my career I was pretty technical. As I grew into the career, I had to reinvent myself as a leader, losing the hands-on technical skills. Sure the hands-on is fun, challenging, and can be a good retirement career, but many are called to be leaders, too. So, I reinvented myself to manage, talk, and conduct myself as a leader in my industry.

As I continued my career,  I had to transform again into a leader   (John Robert Lucas)
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Ministry that has God’s Stamp of Approval

If all we do is deliver an anointed, powerful word, and afterwards do not reach out and build new relationships, we have accomplished little.

I remember a few years ago where it was so normal for a popular minister to deliver a powerful, anointed message from God, and as soon as the service ended they bolted for the door. Because I worked behind the scenes it became clear that there was an “in” crowd of fellow ministers who would fellowship after the meeting, but it was always restricted to that tight circle of friends. It was a day of elite ministers.

Today, the same spirit abounds, but with less of the elitism. If we give a powerful word, we really and truly feel like we have done our job. We are tired, and we find it awkward to reach out a build new relationships. In spite of all of this, there is a duty on ministers that requires us to reach out,   (John Robert Lucas)
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Bliss or Blunder?

There has been a massive amount of change going on in the midst of us here in Pauls Valley, OK.  God has been establishing us in the present truth of grace by having us revisit some of it’s vital truths as well as the finer details that dress up grace from just simple saving grace to the fulness of grace that has become the life we live.  Keeping grace in a childish form and not letting it fully develop only keeps us from wholly appreciating and appropriating the grace that is the person of Jesus Christ.

We were sitting at lunch last Sunday and we begin to recapitulate the message that was delivered on grace.  As with all truth there is a gradual assent in the understanding of each and every truth.  It is the “starter grace” I call it that gets us saved and into the kingdom where the transformation   (John Robert Lucas)
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Comments from Readers of Temple Builders: The High Calling

For this blog edition, I just wanted to share some of the comments we received for our first book Temple builders: The High Calling. If you have read the book and have a testimony, please leave a comment! All of these comments have encouraged.

 Saved me from disaster

I have experienced many situations where the revelation shown to me through your book saved me from disaster, confusion, or brought correction just in the nick of time for situations that suddenly came upon my life. —Pastor Tom Marxen

The most balanced

This book is the most balanced and most needed in the church today. It has caused me to grow up and to look at the Lord in a light of understanding I have never experienced before. —Daniel Olson

Immersed in His love

This book has put stripes on my soul and immersed me in a God kind of Love. —Gayla Brunet

Called to decision, embrace, and “eating”

This message, happily, cannot   (John Robert Lucas)
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